How long does compliance take?

Most cars are finished the same day

How do I get my vehicle to you?

Any of the main companies – found under Car Transporters in the Yellow pages

What paper work do I need for compliance?

  • Title or Registration papers also known as De-Reg.
  • Bill of Lading from shipping company.
  • Proof of ownership and identification.
  • How much does compliance cost?

    $320.00 + GST
    Registered traders please call for a quote.

    What do I get when I get my car complied?

    You get a Warrant of Fitness and an MR2A form, which you take to any AA office to get your new number plates and registration.

    The following website www.LTSA.govt.nz can be used for more in depth questions or you may ring us on 09 5799352