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Vehicle compliance

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Repairs required for this process can be completed by our fully set up workshop.


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Compliance the right way...

Interior trimming is the first step for your vehicle. At this position, your vehicle is required to be dismantled to gain access behind the interior trim, this is where a TSD agent must inspect the condition and structure, seats and seat belts of your vehicle. This is also where all information about your vehicle is gathered, all documentation required is filed , vehicle standards are captured and your car gets a VIN Plate assigned (Vehicle Identification Number). Interior is refitted.

Your vehicle now is moved to our inspection hoists where the underbody and mechanical components are inspected. We strip all underbody panels and brake pads so the TSD agent can continue the inspection of the brakes, suspension, tyres, engine components and vehicle structure. All mechanical parts are measured and inspected to make sure they meet all OEM minimum requirements set out by NZTA and the vehicle structure is sound. Once your vehicle has been completed put back together the TSD agent finalises the inspection by checking your vehicles emissions, lighting and making sure the braking systems are operable.

If your vehicle passes all requirements then the TSD will issue a Warrant of Fitness sticker (WOF) and print the MR2A form for registration. If there are repairs required before this step, we will quote you on the repairs and it’s your choice to use us or your own repairer, but all repairs must be repaired to all NZTA requirements, then the WOF sticker and MR2A can be printed.

FastTrack Mechanical Repair Shop

State of the art repairs facility

Fasttrack has a fully operational state of the art repairs facility. This is a separate area designed to do only the repairs required to get your car on the road. With 5 hoists and 4 mechanics your car will be on the road in no time. Our mechanics have been in the trade for more than a combined 50 years so we have plenty knowledge about getting your vehicle repaired. The workshop is set up with all the finest equipment you would see in any high-end workshop and is 100% maintained to support all safety regulations. .

LVV Certification

Low Volume Vehicle Certification

If your vehicle has been modified beyond factory specifications then an LVV is required. A Low Volume Vehicle Certification is required for vehicles that have modifications such as adjustable suspension/larger wheels, engine modifications, roll cage fitments, and much more. A independent certified inspector must be used for this and they are required to sign off all the modifications after they can see they meet all requirements set out by the LVVTA. Repairs required for this process can be completed by our fully set up workshop.

Repair Certification

Inspecting your vehicle

If the TSD agent inspects your vehicle to find structural damage, corrosion or previous damage repairs a repair cert will be written as a fail on your vehicle. This process is carried out by an independent workshop whom works extremely closely with a Repair Certifier Inspector. The certifier will tell this workshop what steps to take to follow all guidelines of repairing the vehicle back to OEM requirements. NZTA only have a few selected people who allowed to approve and sign off these repairs if required. You are welcome to organise your own certifier who must supply the correct documentation to us to complete the compliance process.

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HELP US TO HELP YOU! To help us process your enquiry please include the answers to the following questions with your email:

You must be able to provide acceptable proof of ownership and standards of compliance.

NZ has adopted strictly enforced standards for maximum acceptable vehicle exhaust gas emissions.

For more information on the NZ Emission Standards go to the NZ Govt. Ministry of Transport website www.transport.govt.nz

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